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Kidnapped and tortured, Alexia faced the reality of her own death. She struggled for survival, but eventually succumbed to the torture wreaked upon her by an unknown assailant. In the last moments of her life there was no more struggling, she simply gave up and there was darkness. Out of the darkness, he appeared. Seifer was his name, he offered her a chance to avenge her murder. He gave her no reasons. He offered her no clues. In her desperation, Alexia accepted his offer in order to save her own life. She did not yet know what life would cost her. Carried back in time, Alexia had a year to solve her murder. She set out with her twin sister, Alexis, and her would-be husband, Damien. Little did she know of the darkness growing inside of her. She had no way of understanding the changes that were taking place within her. She would save her life, at the cost of her self. Her personal identity threatened, her relations with those around her torn, Alexia is forced to ask herself the question: What am I willing to sacrifice of myself to sustain my existence? She is forced to decide whether death would have been preferable to the loss of oneAas grip on reality, sense of personal identity and rupture from all that they hold dear. Is life itself more valuable than who we are? Is there a fate within life that is worse than death? What are you willing to give up in order to survive?The hostess must have brought them flowers for their rooms. The thought ... The bed was covered, under the rose petals, with a thick burgundy blanket, the pillowcases and shams were red silk, as well as, she suspected, the sheet underneath.

Author:T. H. Mulvaney
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2011-03-22


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