Taiwan and Post-Communist Europe

Taiwan and Post-Communist Europe

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Taiwan and Post-Communist Europe examines Taiwana€™s economic diplomacy towards post-communist states in Central and Eastern Europe. The media, and occasionally academia, have often suggested that Taipei resorts to costly aid, trade and investment diplomacy to facilitate its foreign relations, whilst China engages in equally costly counter-economic diplomacy to keep Taiwan isolated. Czeslaw Tubilewicz argues conversely that Beijinga€™s diplomacy in post-communist Europe has demonstrated Chinaa€™s reluctance to employ economic instruments against states violating the a€˜one-Chinaa€™ principle when cheaper (diplomatic) alternatives are available. Taipei, for its part, has demonstrated that promises of economic assistance are sufficient to induce target statesa€™ short term compliance, whilst in the medium to long term Taiwanese economic assistance, conditional upon meeting political criteria, has proved inconsequential due to Taipeia€™s refusal to follow up aid commitments. This book examines the efficacy and limitations of Taipeia€™s frugal economic diplomacy in furthering its broader diplomatic objectives, looking at both Taipeia€™s failure to establish a lasting diplomatic presence in post-communist Europe, but also its success in securing a€˜substantivea€™ relations with a number of major post-communist states, and thus opening transition economies for its exports and investments. The first in-depth study into Taiwana€™s economic diplomacy toward post-communist Europe, this book will appeal to readers interested in Taiwan and China studies, diplomacy, Asian studies and international relations.... spare parts for Nokia mobile phones coincided with Hungarya#39;s prospective entry into the EU and followed Nokiaa#39;s decision ... By mid-2004, ASUSTeK Computer (emccce›re…b) pledged to invest US$30 million in a computer production and repairanbsp;...

Title:Taiwan and Post-Communist Europe
Author:Czeslaw Tubilewicz
Publisher:Routledge - 2007-08-07


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