Take Back the Land

Take Back the Land

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Challenging today's youth to action with a mission to restore Christian values! America declared her right to independence based on qthe laws of nature and nature's God.q Her Founding Fathers were overwhelmingly God-fearing Christian men who built our government and society on principles they found in God's Word. Current social and political events are shouting to the church to take action. Take back the Land will motivate youth to be a part of this growing voice for reformation! It's not enough to just hope for change, and complain when it doesn't happen. Become the change that brings America back to its Christ-focused foundations!But early in the 20th century the enemy of our souls was making a sneak attack on the culture of family. He raised up ... She thought she and her people had the right to plan the human race. ... 2 Just like Hitlera#39;s plan to dominate the world with his super race. But not too ... So how many times have you 190 Take Back the Land.

Title:Take Back the Land
Author:Rick Boyer
Publisher:New Leaf Publishing Group - 2011-09-01


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