Take Control of Mac OS X Backups

Take Control of Mac OS X Backups

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Is your data safe? What if your hard disk fails? Or a burglar ransacks your office? A backup is essential, but not all backups are created equal. You need a rock-solid backup strategy that ensures you can restore quickly and completely, no matter what catastrophe arises. Coming up with a reliable backup strategy might seem complicated, but in qTake Control of Mac OS X Backups, q backup expert and best-selling author Joe Kissell provides the straightforward advice you need to go beyond the false security of copying a few files to CD. Joe makes it easy to decide on a backup strategy that protects your data and enables nearly instant recovery, and he goes on to compare the pros and cons of each type of backup media, such as recordable CD, recordable DVD, tape, hard disk, and more. Joe then describes the different types of backup software, concentrating on must-have features and comparing 24 graphical Mac OS X backup programs so you can choose the best backup program for your needs. Turning from theory to practice, Joe offers his time-tested recommendations and walks you through the steps necessary to set up, test, and maintain your backups, complete with instructions on how to restore after a crash. This ebook focuses on the needs of the individual and the small network but does not cover Unix-based solutions or the specific needs of large, institutional networks.But therea#39;s a catcha€”several catches, in fact: a€c Even the highest-capacity recordable DVDs may not be able to store the entire ... Final thoughts on optical drives I believe the best backup strategy is the one that requires the least manual effort. ... The primary advantage of MO technology over CDs and DVDs is longevity: MO media is typically rated for long-term archival storage on the order of 100 years.

Title:Take Control of Mac OS X Backups
Author:Joe Kissell
Publisher:TidBITS - 2004


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