Take Me Home

Take Me Home

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When Tessa Cunningham's ninety-five year old father fell and broke his hip, it was clear that this previously independent man could no longer live on his own. A care home seemed the best option. But visiting him one day, he held Tessa's hand just a little too long, and in his eyes she saw the yearning he was too proud (and loving) to articulate: Please take me home. Tessa had just recovered from breast cancer, was in the throes of getting divorced, her daughters were leaving home (soon to head off to university). Already struggling with three of a woman's worst fears, battling bitterness and betrayal, she couldn't cope with any extra stress. And yet she found herself moving her dad in, along with his zimmer frame, collection of hearing aid batteries, monogrammed hankies and tins of Black Bullet mints. Her dad can't abide moaners, is given to tactless remarks and, as he's deaf, is definitely not the best listener in the world. Yet in the months that followed, his unexpected wisdom and irrepressible ebullience helped heal Tessa's pain. Written with searing honesty, Take Me Home is a funny, touching, inspirational story that teaches us the true value of contentment.What I did was impulsive butI didna#39;tregret itat all. I wasno longer ... Well, we definitely need to get you home. While youa#39;ve ... Ita#39;s for someone whoa#39;s neverbeen in trouble before and hascommitted aminor offence a€“inthiscase, criminal damage.

Title:Take Me Home
Author:Tessa Cunningham
Publisher:Pan Macmillan - 2012-06-07


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