Tales From a Spanish Village

Tales From a Spanish Village

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These Tales from a Spanish Village are accounts of some remarkable personalities and certain incidents that occurred in a small Spanish village in 1967-68. Richard Barrett was working in the community as a cultural anthropologist, gathering materials for a doctoral dissertation. This is the story of his adjustment to the community, of the generous people he met there, and some of the surprising events that took place. It was the period of the Franco dictatorship, of donkeys, mules and peasant carts in the countryside a€“ an era that has now been entirely swept away. Reflecting on the experience he writes, a€œIt was wonderful and the more distant I get from it, the more remarkable it now seems.a€I would need Spanish license plates to sell it, and to get them Ia#39;d have to pay more duty than the cara#39;s worth!a€ a€œOh ... For every law there are thousands of Spaniards who know how to get around it.a€ The day after ... a€œHow much do you want for it?

Title:Tales From a Spanish Village
Author:Richard A. Barrett
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2010-04-16


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