Tales of Atonement

Tales of Atonement

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The pilot book of an extensive saga, Reunited' sets the stage for a post apocalyptic world where technology has taken a back-seat to magic and fey. Alien creatures live among us, and the last true bastion of American society has become a cesspool of demons and vampires. Tales of Atonement follows the lives of several people who survive and make families in this world, taking you to locales like the dark and dangerous City of Atone, to the magical Island of Mayflora, and the far off Planet Syc; and even combat the evils that now infest the world. With creative illustrations, engaging characters, and interestingly new races, Reunited weds science fiction to fantasy, and sets the stage for an entire series of books that will tell a descriptive story of adventure, love, and triumphant victory. Tales of Atonement is a sci-fi fantasy book series that currently holds a 4/5 star rating!How can it be that someone my size could have such a mediocre weakness as an allergy to cat dander? ... softly again as he goes to take another drink, but sneezes suddenly into the bottle. ... a€œWhat about that multi-colored hair of yours?

Title:Tales of Atonement
Author:M.A. Moreland
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2013-02-01


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