Tales of Inhumanity and Retribution

Tales of Inhumanity and Retribution

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TALES OF INHUMANITY AND RETRIBUTION qTales of Inhumanity and Retribution, q is a literary adventure of compelling scope. First of a series the book contains four long stories or novellas. It is raw storytelling at its best, bullet fast and moving, each story a haunting and unforgettable journey. Aicha Sayuno the young and beautiful girl who is the main character of qAICHAq shows incredible strength and resilience when confronted with the savagery and harshness of the world she was born into, a world where the sexual exploitation of the young and vulnerable is not only a reality, but an everyday occurrence. In qJOE VAGAN, q the half crazy and psychotic main character leads us on his murky trail into the world of the transients and the homeless. Joe was another man once, living a happy life with his wife and seven year old daughter Eve. Then, something destroyed that and Joe became a vagabond, a vagabond on a mission. Amy, the feisty main character of qBREEDERSq is a combative young girl who is caught up in a heartbreaking story of kidnapping and unimaginable abuse. Living in fear and confinement with her fellow captives, she desperately seeks with her soul mate William a way to escape from captivity and put and end to their horrendous ordeal. Walter Sardonsky and Elizabeth Morriati are a most unusual pair of IRS employees in qTHE MOLE, q a story of twisted souls, corruption and sex, where betrayal and secret lives, collide with the main characters' unorthodox definition of loyalty and love.The person would get a severe warning the next day from Mrs. Rudson for the security breach. There was also the ... To create the illusion of them being in bed for the guards and the cameras, they made heads of paper, cardboard and glue.

Title:Tales of Inhumanity and Retribution
Author:Ian Tremblay
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2008-06-16


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