Tales of Kalindia

Tales of Kalindia

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Peace has reigned in the magic Queendom of Kalindia for centuries. The tides of evil, which were thought to be contained and sealed under a mountain, now slowly infiltrate the highest ranks of the Queendom. Two sisters, heirs to the throne and The White Book of Magic, must decide the fate of Kalindia. When one sister suffers a flying accident, the crown is bestowed upon the least likely sister. Kalindia, a land filled with magical creatures, harmony, and lore, will soon be challenged by the despotic Kingdom of Nurland. Evil creatures, bred solely for destruction and terror, and controlled by the absolute power of the High Wizard Nur, wait in the shadows for battle. Outnumbered and ill-prepared, Kalindia's only hope rests with its young and inexperienced Queen and her alliance with her devoted adventurers. Their quest-to withstand the thrust of the dark power-hinges on an impossible deed: the recovery of The White Book of Magic. The battle must be joined. The fight for the future of Kalindia will begin, and all its inhabitants' lives are about to change. Forever.He will also provide a guide for Irma to show her the fastest and safest trails to spy on Nura#39;s troops. With his ... With a tear in her eye, she beamed and responded proudly, a€œI knew you would have a role to play in the quest for the pages. I did notanbsp;...

Title:Tales of Kalindia
Author:Kent L. Olsen
Publisher:iUniverse - 2004-01


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