Tales of The Astro Force

Tales of The Astro Force

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Take a fantastic journey to the outer reaches of the unknown as the crew of the intrepid Astro Force One embarks on their most perilous mission; to rescue the beautiful Jackie Albright from the Fiendish Fish Folk of Planet Thenh. In the distant future, mutant races of fish people have developed an ultimate weapon, and they are intent on using it to destroy humanity, whom they despise. Super spy Jackie Albright is assigned to get herself captured by the Fiendish Fish Folk of Planet Thenh (pronounced a€œTena€, the a€˜ha€™ is silent; both of them), and learn their secrets, then report back to Earth. But Captain Phil Beauregard of Astro Force One, who thinks hea€™s Jackiea€™s boyfriend, sets out to rescue her, unaware she was intentionally captured. In the process of his inept attempt, he bungles the whole mission and nearly brings the galaxy to a premature end. So it is up to Jackie Albright, who must confront the Queen of the Fish Folk- Ridget, the Permanently Extended- in a life or death struggle to save the Earth; for you see, the Fiendish Fish Folk of Planet Thenh intend to flood the entire galaxy with- WATER!!!! Witty and fast paced, Tales of the Astro Force is a delightful comedy satirizing the science fiction movie serials of the 1930's and 40's.Phil replied with the stoic face of heroic confidence necessary to be a Captain in the Astro Force. a€œPlanet Thenh, a€ he proclaimed. a€œWell how do you know that?a€ Phil jerked his thumb over his shoulder at the huge billboard, which said, a€œ Welcomeanbsp;...

Title:Tales of The Astro Force
Author:J.C. Egan
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2007-10-03


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