Tales of the Emerald Triangle

Tales of the Emerald Triangle

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An inspirational, fictional novel based on actual events. For generations the Barker family legacy had been one of unity and an unparalleled sense of pride in their heritage. Living the 'black experience' served to motivate them to achieve, in spite of the stigma placed on African Americans in a society plagued with unfounded prejudices. Education, hard work and 'family mentorship' had elevated them from Alabama sharecrop farmers at the turn of the century, to upper middle class Educators, Medical professionals, Brick-mason contractors and Administrative Managers. To be a 'Barker' was to hold your head up high, take pride in who you are, accept your responsibilities, set goals and work to attain them. The thought of a 'Barker' shirking or abandoning their responsibilities, was the unthinkable! Deidre' was an African American beauty of Jamaican descent. She was dark complexioned with long hair as coarse as hemp rope and as black as ebony. Her round full face displayed a pert nose and keen lips with the expression of an impish cherub as her right eyebrow lifted slightly when she laughed. Beautiful dreamy eyes reflected a piercing honesty as she looked directly into the eyes of anyone that she talked to. At fourteen, she was mature beyond her years, physically and mentally. Dwayne Jr., Deidre's younger brother by sixteen months, was over five feet ten inches tall and weighed 170 pounds. He was a beautiful 'Black Adonis' with an enchanting smile displaying perfect white teeth. Deidre' was only nine years old when she and Dwayne Jr. were taken to Alabama by their father for a six week 'visit' with a sixty-six year old Great Aunt, whom they had never met. They had never known their Mother and the only positive maternal influence in their lives had been their Paternal Grandmother. Their disappointment when their father did not return for them was manifested by erratic behavior and confusion. The many attempts by their Grandmother to gain custody and return them to their home State of Ohio was met with many obstacles. Their Faith in God and the belief that all things are possible through 'him' gave them the strength to persevere during five years of untold adverse experiences.Memoirs of a Marijuana Grower Kevin Stewart ... a tobacco can and place marijuana from the can onto the lid. As much as the lid would hold, cost maybe a few dollars and thata#39;s where the term a€œlid of pota€ came from. In the Sixties, you could stillanbsp;...

Title:Tales of the Emerald Triangle
Author:Kevin Stewart
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2002-07-01


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