Tall Ears and Short Tales

Tall Ears and Short Tales

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When Carol Chapman sold her home in Connecticut, she soon found herself on one of those roads less traveled and that has made all the difference. Arriving in Texas, she bought a ranch and created The Last Refuge, a sanctuary for unwanted dogs, cats, goats, and, most of all, for horses, mules, and donkeys that were destined for the slaughterhouse. Meet Chipper, a chocolate Lab who not only participates in nursing horses back to health, but has also raised cats, lambs, and baby chicks. Learn how goats secretly yearn for the mountains of their ancestors and happily leap onto the hood of a car to illustrate that point. Follow Chapman around for a day and discover that it's hard to get out of shape when caring for horses-if lugging what has to go in one end (massive buckets of water, sixty-pound bales of hay, and fifty-pound bags of grain) doesn't keep a waistline trim, shoveling up piles of what comes out the other end will. Grab a cup of coffee, pull up a hay bale, and enjoy Chapman's unconventional collection of earthy, hilarious, but always heart-warming and timeless reminiscences.Standing next to it was a distressed, distraught, very pregnant woman, and hanging out of car windows were enough little ... She froze and had the look of a headlight-caught deer in her eyes. ... I have a blind horse here at The Last Refuge.

Title:Tall Ears and Short Tales
Author:Carol Chapman
Publisher:iUniverse - 2003-10-01


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