Tall Tales about the Mind and Brain

Tall Tales about the Mind and Brain

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Does listening to Mozart make us more intelligent? Is there such a thing as a gay gene? Does the size of the brain matter? Does the moon influence our behaviour? Can we communicate with the dead? Can graphology tell us anything about a person's character? Is the human brain clonable? What role do dreams have in cognition? Can mind conquer matter and diseases? Are out-of-body experiences possible? Can we trust our intuitions? To some, the answer to all these questions might well be resounding 'no', but to many people these represents serious beliefs about the mind and the brain ... Tall tales about the mind and brain presents a sweeping survey of common myths about the mind and brain. In a light-hearted and accessible style, it exposes the truth behind these beliefs, how they are perpetuated, why people believe them, and even why they might exist in the first place. -- Reverso de cubierta.I am terrified, I still cannot move and I know that she is going to try to kill me. She reaches ... And it comes onto me and I can feel its weight and basically the belief is that ita#39;s holding me and that ita#39;s going to drag me down into an abyss. I can feel anbsp;...

Title:Tall Tales about the Mind and Brain
Author:Sergio Della Sala
Publisher:Oxford University Press, USA - 2007


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