Tall Tales, Taller Tales, and Out and Out Lies

Tall Tales, Taller Tales, and Out and Out Lies

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Most of these stories are true. Some are fabrications. qThe Gun Showq is one. It is a loose interpretation of an event. If you are familiar with the event, you will understand the satire. The stories, such as qThe Great Possum Slayer, q tell of a hunting adventure. We are all guilty of doing something to a friend in the name of fun. qThe night Before Christmasq describes a practical joke that turned out better than planned! Several stories, as an example, qBB'S a Bumblebees, q reflect on our desire to imitate our parents. Several of the stories convey a safety message. qThe Hazards of Plastic Bullets, q is an example that shows what can happen in the blink of an eye when we choose to disregard a simple safety statement. Some of the stories deal with older people and a time not so long ago. These people believed that you took care of your problem. You will notice in these stories, the problem would have gone away or been taken care of long before law enforcement could arrive. With our modern communications we can now summon the Calvary in an instant. It has not been too long ago that this was not the case in a lot of areas of our great nation. qThe Letter, q is an adaptation of a letter I want read at my funeral. Surprise, fear, courage, fortitude and a child's belief that they are bullet proof are all expressed in stories in this book. A book of this nature easily causes us to reflect on our lives and events that have slipped into our fading memory. If this book reminds a single individual of any similar events in their past, makes them a safer individual, or makes them laugh it will have succeed in its purpose beyond expectations.As the movie concluded, I turned off the TV and switched off the bed light. As the light died there was a knock at the door. I thought ... The other guy ran back down my driveway and onto the public dirt road, like a sprinter running for the gold.

Title:Tall Tales, Taller Tales, and Out and Out Lies
Author:Sandy Walker Iii
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2009-08-01


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