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A teenage boy in the mountains of North Carolina desires to get out of the qcycleq of a dysfunctional home and school life. Finally successful in breaking free, he quickly discovers that destiny has a plan for him and greatness is an understatement. An ancient legend passed down through a Native American tribe tells of one who will emerge as a great leader and even a qsavior, q just in time before the world faces a major cataclysmic event. Taught to shoot a bow and arrow, the boy demonstrates incredible skill during his first lesson. Could he be the Tamechactee? Meanwhile, a sinister being over in Normandy, France known only as qThe Makerq has a plan to set off nuclear bombs throughout the world, not to kill everyone but to bring humans into submission. What is the real purpose, and can anyone save humanity from this demonic fiend? qTamechactee is such a great read! The main character is intriguingly multifaceted, passionate and touched by destiny like all great heroes are. The story is a capitivating epic that made me want to qjump inq and help out. The villains range from classic evil to those that inspire empathy. I loved this book. Can't wait for the next one.q Anna DuPen, Advanced RN Practitioner, Advanced Certified Hospice a Palliative Care Nurse, Bainbridge Island, WAI didna#39;t want to go into town for the night, because they would be looking for me, a€œ theya€ being the cops and my uncle. I tried to make a lean-to, remembering some survival show Ia#39;d seen. It didna#39;t work. As night ... The old rusted pipe had broken in half, filling the house with gas, every corner of it. I hadna#39;t ... the walls blown out. The ceiling caved in, the flames were so hot, so close, black smoke filled the air.

Author:Joseph M. Landing Jr
Publisher:Dog Ear Publishing - 2012-02


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