Tanner, Boy Orphan

Tanner, Boy Orphan

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This book is about a family finding themselves in a desperate situation after the loss of their mother. With help from caring individuals, a home was found for the children at the Methodist Children's Home in Winston - Salem, NC. qPopq Woosley and his dedicated and understanding care givers provided the education and leadership that directed the children toward an opportunity for a better life. The life of the boy, Fred Tanner, and what his physical and emotional experiences were well documented as he describes the daily life at this home where he lived for 16 years. In some instances, living in an orphanage is much better than living in some family situations. The structured living environment was so designed that one home mother could manage the behavior of 30 boys. The boys had the opportunity to get into boyhood mischief, and that they did! Boys had their own understanding of qorphan humor.q Some boys lived the life that would rival Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer while some boys were mellow and studious. Through sports, work responsibility, scouting and some social events the boys were mellowed somewhat into responsible young boys. Hard work and discipline were a matter of fact and became the life habits of most of that were raised at this home. Opportunity for further education was made available through work programs and college assistance to those that wished to attend. Most all boys served a tour in the military. Children and their parents, many in not much better situations than we were, gave their pennies and nickles so that we could have a pair of shoes or a decent set of clothes. This was most humiliating. Other people of means were kind enough to see the need of over four hundred children.The Flexi was so fast that you could ride down the driveway on one side and have enough speed to coast all the way to the top of the other side of the driveway. At times some ofthe boys didna#39;t quite make the turn at the bottom of the driveway, and they would tear a little bark off the huge ... boxcars similar to the soapbox derby cars. ... They would nail together pieces of wood that resembled a soapbox car.

Title:Tanner, Boy Orphan
Author:Fred Tanner
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2005


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