Tapping Away My Worries

Tapping Away My Worries

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Children of all ages face situations where they may feel angry, frustrated, sad, frightened, nervous, humiliated, or embarrassed. They can find themselves in situations where they may face peer pressure, bullying, test anxiety, parental separation, sadness from the death of a pet, fear of the dark, fear of dogs, teasing, hostility or ridicule from class mates. Tapping Away My Worries is a two part book about the Emotional Freedom Techniques for children, parents, and teachers. EFT is a remarkably easy and effective tool for children and adults to self apply for emotional and physical problems. The first part of the book is a story about a boy called Ryan who gets teased at school and how his Auntie teaches him EFT and what the result of that is. The second part of the book is an EFT manual for parents, teachers, and caregivers to learn and use this remarkable technique. Teachers can tap with students at the beginning of class, parents can tap with children as part of their bed time routine and best of all children can learn a technique that s only ever as far away as their fingertips for inevitable times of distress.a€œGreat, a€ she said, a€œdo you know how people do a karate chop?a€ she asked. This was getting weirder by the minute I thought. a€œYeah, a€ ita#39;s like this, a€ I said and I showed her with the side of my hand hitting the coffee table. a€œYes, a€ she said, a€œ great.

Title:Tapping Away My Worries
Author:Heather Todd
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2012-07


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