Tapping the Zero Point Energy

Tapping the Zero Point Energy

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Free energy and anti-gravity are possible today. The theory of zero point energy shows that there are great fluctuations of electrical field energy embedded within the fabric of space. Some examples: Inventor T Henry Moray produced a fifty-kilowatt free energy machine in 1930; The Pons/Fleischmann cold fusion experiment produced tremendous heat without fusion. The chapters in this remarkable book include: Artificial Gravity; Stepping Down High Frequency Energy; Noise as a Source of Energy; Macroscopic Vacuum Polarisation; Cohering the Zero-Point Energy; The Holistic Paradigm; Electrolytic Fusion: A Zero-Point Energy Coherence?; Scalar Currents and Scalar Waves.Another option could add a second cadu- ceus (or bifilar) coil in the air gap at the opposite poles of the bucking magnets so ... It is hoped that those working with these ideas freely share their results for it will expedite the development of a new anbsp;...

Title:Tapping the Zero Point Energy
Author:Moray B. King
Publisher:Adventures Unlimited Press - 2002


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