Taste and Smell

Taste and Smell

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Chemosensory dysfunction is a quite frequently occurring problem which significantly affects the patient's quality of life. It can result from infectious agents, environmental factors, toxins, traumatic brain injuries, as well as neurodegenerative diseases. This publication provides up-to-date articles on the chemical senses including the olfactory, trigeminal and gustatory systems. The vomeronasal system and its potential significance in humans is also discussed. Based on recent functional imaging data, the book provides an overview on how the 'lower senses' function, how they work together, for example to produce flavor, how they can be damaged and repaired, and how the function of human chemical senses can be assessed. The publication focuses on chemosensory dysfunction and pays particular attention to taste and its disorders. Renowned experts in their fields of research have contributed their findings to this topical update on chemosensory disorders and made this volume indispensable reading for otorhinolaryngologists and neurologists.intrinsic odors, simply taste them while pinching the nares of the nose closed. Without airflow, there is no sense of ... sweeteners are localized more to the posterior oral cavity and linger longer than sucrose does. Peripheral Taste Anatomyanbsp;...

Title:Taste and Smell
Author:Thomas Hummel, Antje Welge-Lüssen
Publisher:Karger Medical and Scientific Publishers - 2006-01-01


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