Teach Yourself the iMac

Teach Yourself the iMac

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If you are a beginning to intermediate Mac user who isn't afraid to take charge of his or her own learning experience, you can't miss with Teach Yourself the iMac. Presented in a straightforward, easy-to-follow manner, the book helps you answer your questions and make the most of your learning experience: * Explore iMac basics, from identifying its components to plugging in and setting up your machine. * Customize your iMac by setting general controls and making the most of your Apple menu. * Create, name, move, and copy folders and files. * Use discs and drives that expand the features and capabilities of your iMac. * Work with text tools to manage, create, and print documents. * Organize numbers and figures with databases and spreadsheets. * Use sound, video, and QuickTime to add color and personality to everything you do on your iMac. * Connect to the world with a modem, surf the Web, and send and receive e-mail. * Network with other computers, or tie into an existing network. * Manage memory, and see how to troubleshoot problems when they arise.After all, you need to tell your iMac and your printer how you want your page or document printed. Like the ... Increase this number as appropriate, but I dona#39;t recommend you print too many at once until youa#39;ve printed at least one as a test.

Title:Teach Yourself the iMac
Author:Jennifer Watson
Publisher:Visual - 2000-02-01


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