Teaching Science Through Trade Books

Teaching Science Through Trade Books

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If you like the popular qTeaching Science Through Trade Booksq column in NSTA's journal Science and Children, or if you've become enamored of the award-winning Picture-Perfect Science Lessons series, you'll love this new collection. It's based on the same time-saving concepts: By using children's books to pique students' interest, you can combine science teaching with reading instruction in an engaging and effective way. In this volume, column authors Christine Royce, Emily Morgan, and Karen Ansberry selected 50 of their favourites, updated the lessons, and added student activity pages, making it easier than ever to teach fundamental sicence concepts through high-quality fiction and nonfiction children's books. Just as with the original columns, each lesson highlights two trade books and offers two targeted activities, one for K - 3 and one for grades 4 - 6. All activities are Standards-based and inquiry-oriented. From Measuring Penny and How Tall, How Short, How Far Away? to I Took a Walk and Secret Place, the featured books will help your students put science in a whole new context. TEeching Science Through Trade Books offers an ideal way to combine well-structured, ready-to-teach lessons, with strong curricular connections, and books your students just may remember, always.Specifically, when it comes to the Moona#39;s phases, students should notice that a€œthe observable shape of the Moon changes from ... The lesson for grades Ka€“3 students is limited to making observations, developing descriptions, and finding patterns; whereas ... Moon calendars can also be downloaded at www.stardate. org.

Title:Teaching Science Through Trade Books
Author:Christine Anne Royce, Karen Rohrich Ansberry, Emily Rachel Morgan
Publisher:NSTA Press - 2012


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