Team-based organizations

Team-based organizations

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Team-based organizations are taking the place of functional or departmental structures. To implement a team approach, the entire culture of the organization needs to change. Unlike most other authors on teams, James H. Shonk shows you how to structure and manage an organization that is built around teams versus forcing a team approach into an existing structure. Shonk identifies the advantages and challenges associated with team-based organizations so that you'll be prepared to deal with and resolve any issues that arise. He gives you valuable planning tools to assist you in implementation and help you avoid wasted time. You'll find models for designing a team-based organization that you can adapt to meet your specific needs. Focusing on the entire company rather than just the individual team, this insightful resource will help you: identify and avoid major pitfalls in structuring teams; design the most effective teams using time-saving examples, forms, and checklists; apply the experiences of other organizations to implement teams in your company. You can give your employees more influence over decisions and increase collaboration among various skills, disciplines, and levels for a more profitable, productive organization using teams.Team-based organizations are taking the place of functional or departmental structures.

Title:Team-based organizations
Author:James H. Shonk
Publisher:Irwin Professional Pub - 1992-05


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