Team Foundation Server 2008 in Action

Team Foundation Server 2008 in Action

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In complex software projects, managing the development process can be as critical to success as writing the code itself. A project may involve dozens of developers, managers, architects, testers, and customers, hundreds of builds, and thousands of opportunities to get off-track. To keep tabs on the people, tasks, and components of a medium- to large-scale project, most teams use a development system that allows for easy monitoring, follow-up, and accountability. qTeam Foundation Server 2008 in Actionq is a hands-on guide to Team Foundation Server 2008. Written for developers with a good handle on TFS basics, this book shows you how to solve real-life problems. It's not a repetition of Microsoft's product documentation. qTeam Foundation Server 2008 in Actionq is a practitioner's handbook for how to work with TFS under common constraints. This book walks you through real-life software engineering problems based on hundreds of hours of TFS experience.8.4.4 2 To enable the build team to maintain control of the assembly and file version information. just like Windows applications, we want to keep the assembly version number relatively static ... The Assemblylnfo task updates a reference AssemblyInfo.cs file. This file is copied to the App_Code directory in the build location just before the compilation step in the build process. ... Refer to the next section for the modifications necessary in the build project file to implement this functionality.

Title:Team Foundation Server 2008 in Action
Author:Jamil Azher
Publisher:Manning Publications - 2008-11-01


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