Technology Law

Technology Law

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Based on a series of previously published articles, Technology Law adopts a reader-friendly approach to the problems and issues facing those of us who depend on technology to make a living. Avoiding technical jargon, this book offers simple explanations of why certain laws exist, what they mean, and suggestions for responding to them responsibly and effectively. In this revised edition, Mark Grossman addresses developments that have taken place over the past five years in the rapidly changing world of technology law. This edition incorporates new and updated articles that address the many changes since the publication of the first edition. The book is logically structured so that, though its chapters deal with a multitude of topics, related articles are grouped together. The book's broad scope engages with issues in technology law across a wide spectrum of business areas. Those who deal with technology in any capacity will find much value in this important volume.You just figure out how to make the money, and then make your tech lawyer earn his keep by helping you weave your way through the legal thicket. CUSTOM SOFTWARE In a perfect world, you would be able to walk into a store or pick up the phone and get the perfect software. ... Ita#39;s Usually a License Even when you a€œ buya€ custom software, the most typical transaction has the buyer getting a license toanbsp;...

Title:Technology Law
Author:Mark Grossman
Publisher:Scarecrow Press - 2009-05-20


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