Teenager Or Adult

Teenager Or Adult

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qA look into the most talked about controversies involving teenagers and drinking, through the research of multiple views in the first person.q Andrew Cornell-A curious well rounded author in search for true answers involving major problems. What if parents could learn about the things that go on behind their backs involving alcohol? What if teenagers could be analyzed to prove that many are responsible and deserve to drink? The view is first person and allows for a two-sided opinion on teenage drinking. Many facts and stories are given that support the idea of teenagers being allowed to drink legally. Many facts also support why teenage drinking can be unsafe. The subjects covered offer parents new and alternative ways for stopping children from drinking. As these facts are offered, new facts come in to show that allowing it can have a twist when treating it in certain ways. For teenagers interested offers descriptions on situations when growing up like throwing parties, people at parties, dealing with officers of the law, and global views on teenage drinking. Included are many hilarious stories of teenagers at parties and embarrassing incidents. Every issue involving teenage drinking is covered with multiple views on each side.Do We Deserve to Drink Alcohol? ... They would not get alcohol poisoning as easily because bartenders are usually trained a little to know when to cut off someone through nice ... You can have someone get hurt showing off in a car or a big fight breaks out, and just many types of dangerous incidents that could happen.

Title:Teenager Or Adult
Author:Andrew Cornell
Publisher:iUniverse - 2005-03


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