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Cleofis Jackson a.k.a. ?Teflon the Untouchable? is a young hood-rich hustler that the FED's have not been able to make murder-charges stick. Teflon is ruthless and murder is his calling-card -- but it doesn?t detour a steady stream of raw ghetto-girls all dying to become his ride-or-die chick. When Teflon forms his own crew, ?The Capone Gang?, and sets out to control the street, his crew's loyalty and honor gets tested. Everyone knows that if you fail Teflon's test, you?ll never see tomorrow's daylight. When Teflon makes the cardinal mistake of starting to use some of his own product ? he begins to become paranoid -- about everyone and everything! Adding gas to an already red-hot fire, a long-kept secret of Teflon's is found-out! Teflon is then threatened, which is the last thing that anyone should do! Feeling like his hand is forced, Teflon resorts to planning a set-up and murders. But his new drug-habit is scratching and denting the hell-out of his normally sound and rocBreaking windows with broken up pieces of spark plugs was something they did as kids when breaking into cars to steal. Spark plugs lowered the sound to almost nothing when shattering a window. Cleofis cracked the only window to theanbsp;...

Author:Lincoln Lee
Publisher: - 2005-11-01


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