Television and New Media

Television and New Media

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We watch TV on computers, phones, and other mobile devices; television is now online as much as it is qon air.q Television and New Media introduces readers to the ways that new media technologies have transformed contemporary broadcast television production, scheduling, distribution, and reception practices. Drawing upon recent examples including Lost, 24, and Heroes, this book examines the ways that television programming has changeda€”transforming nearly every TV series into a franchise, whose on-air, online, and on-mobile elements are created simultaneously and held together through a combination of transmedia marketing and storytelling. Television studios strive to keep their audiences in constant interaction with elements of the show franchise in between airings not only to boost ratings, but also to move viewers through the different divisions of a media conglomerate. Organized around key industrial termsa€”platforming, networking, tracking, timeshifting, placeshifting, schedule-shifting, micro-segmenting, and channel branding this book is essential for understanding how creative and industrial forces have worked together to transform the way we watch TV.The Cuban missile crisis lasted 13 days; on a€œ24, a€ the life-or-death consequences of a decision become clear within three commercial breaks. ... With unnerving efficiency, suspects are beaten, suffocated, electrocuted, drugged, assaulted with knives, or more exotically ... To reinforce Jacka#39;s core characterization as the patriot who gets results through aggression rather than compromise, ... Finnegan and his delegation understand why producers would put business before morality.

Title:Television and New Media
Author:Jennifer Gillan
Publisher:Routledge - 2010-10-18


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