Television Violence

Television Violence

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If one culprit is suspected above all others for encouraging society to become more violent and unfeeling, it is television violence. This medium, which has become so pervasive in the last 50 years, seems to play an enormous role in the lives of the vast majority of people. But who controls the content which exerts such an enormous influence and to an extent controls the people? What are they doing now and what will they be doing tomorrow? Is violence essential to sell toothpaste and hamburgers? What are our children becoming and what will their children be like? Will every child carry a gun or other weapon just waiting for someone to trigger their violent nature and ignite their preprogrammed anger? This new and enlarged book gathers the literature in this hot-button field.A Guide to the Literature P. T. Kelly. Reno, Janet - Evaluation Attorneys general - Evaluation / Crime prevention - Analysis / Violence in television - Laws, regulations, etc. Violent family hour. (8-9 PM is most violent hour on TV) Society ( New Brunswick) Jan. ... 147-170, Norwood: Ablex Publishing Company, 1 994, 4 1 7 p., ISBN 0-8939 1 -95 1 -9. von Feilitzen, C. (1996) Barn och de realistiska ... ( ABC rejects TV violence link to aggression) Science (Washington, D.C.) May 20, 1983, v.

Title:Television Violence
Author:P. T. Kelly
Publisher:Nova Publishers - 1999-01-01


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