Tell Me Where It Hurts

Tell Me Where It Hurts

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It's 2:47am when Dr Nick Trout, a British vet working in Boston, USA, is abruptly woken and called in to the Angell Memorial Animal Hospital to see if he can save the life of Sage, a ten year-old German Shephard with a critical stomach condition. The case is severe, the outlook bleak, and Dr Trout is her only chance. So begins an intimate and exhilarating journey into a typical day in a far from typical job. TELL ME WHERE IT HURTS takes the reader to the heart of the trials and tribulations of life as a veterinary surgeon, a life filled with heartbreak, triumph, anxiety, and of course, cuddly pets and their variously crazy, desperate, and demanding owners. The day's events come alive with Trout's breezy and companionable narration, and while he illustrates many of the issues pertinent to 21st century pet medicine, at its heart, the book reminds us that while the technology may have moved on from James Herriot's day, the essential characters, humour, and humanity remain the same as ever.It wasna#39;t Jakea#39;s fault, it wasna#39;t mine, but right then, as I told her my concerns about the underlying cause of her doga#39;s lameness, I felt as if ... As you might imagine, most dogs are resistant to the pleasures of imitating a voodoo doll, and therefore general anaesthesia is a ... including high up on the neck, adjacent to the spinal cord, making surgery challenging and less likely to achieve a successful resectionanbsp;...

Title:Tell Me Where It Hurts
Author:Nick Trout
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2011-11-17


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