Temporal Armageddon

Temporal Armageddon

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Three years ago, an experimental biological warfare agent was stolen from a top-secret laboratory on large moon in a star system at the edge of the galaxy. The secluded city surrounding the weapons facility was destroyed, and the perpetrators escapea€”never to be seen or heard from again. Now, while investigating the mysterious radiation outbursts emanating from a large black hole, Captain John Holland and his small team of scientific and technology experts discover a wormhole, held open by a matrix of exotic subatomic-like matter. Further investigation reveals that the wormhole is a pathway to a different galaxya€”a galaxy that hosts an inimitable race of hostile creatures bent on supreme domination. Things take a turn for the worst when one of the alien leaders arrives unexpectedly on board Hollanda€™s deep space research station and begins methodically slaughtering his crew looking for the antidote to the lethal biological weapon. The attacks seem to make little sensea€”until Holland discovers the true identity of his enemy.Nya U-tey walked quickly down the curving corridor. As was typical of most Bonetellians, at least the females, U-tey had long and thin, but very strong legs, blessing her with a big stride. Her coarse, jet-black, straight, hip-length hair swung side to side in a rhythmic march. ... converted them to electrical signals, and transmitted the signals to the brain for interpretationa€” much like human, and other animal, ears worked. ... She turned the corridor to her left, and the double doors slid open.

Title:Temporal Armageddon
Author:Anthony J. Pultrone
Publisher:iUniverse - 2002


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