Ten Lepers

Ten Lepers

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Leprosy is a scary disease. Most people have a serious aversion to losing their sense of touch and growing numb and unable to feel another's touch, or even sensing hot and cold temperatures. They have an aversion to losing fingers, toes, and noses. They have an aversion to losing their eyesight, their ability to walk or to pick up a penny, and even their ability to have a sexual relationship. Hopefully, you don't have the physical disease of Leprosy. Did you know, though, that you might have qSpiritual Leprosy?q Your lifestyle may be creating numbness to the activities that are unacceptable to family, to friends, and to God. You are living a life that has become self-serving, addictive, and destructive to the extent that those in your life want nothing more to do with you. You're becoming immobile and non-functional in life because of a slavery to sin that has overtaken you. You are dying and may not even realize it yet. At one point in our lives, we are all leprous. The Ten LepThey know the Syrians have food. They know that they might kill them just for being a€œenemy lepers! ... They were, in New Testament terms, a picture of the unrighteous stumbling on a wealththat keeps them alive. They weresaved, but the lordanbsp;...

Title:Ten Lepers
Author:Michael Loomis
Publisher:Ambassador International - 2012-07-12


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