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Teosinte began as a series of poems and then merged with the symbolism of Regina Szczypiorskia€™s art. It is structured on the seven days and nights of the Mayan Underworld. A parallel story emerged with the authora€™s diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in December 2010. This book is an honest account of one woman processing the system of cancer treatment in our country. It was written in the form of poetry and journals over a period of 10 years, culminating with the assertion of a new myth; a myth that responds to the common theme of the phoenix across cultures and traditions; a myth that states the phoenix has landed, built her nest, burned and flew ... and now ita€™s time to move forward.much happens on any given day and ita#39;s good to go back and see patterns or significance. Ita#39;s a lovely plan really, that ... Ia#39;m going to make cranberry bread today. Feng Shui notes: I ... of cats swimming on YouTube. We are good together. ... We had lunch of grilled cheese and lay down to read and rest for an hour. What luxury!

Author:Karen M. Chertok
Publisher:Publish on Demand Global - 2014-01-01


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