Terrier-centric Dog Training

Terrier-centric Dog Training

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All kinds of dogs have a number of hard-wired traits bred into them. Hounds love to follow their noses, Retrievers love to fetch and Herding dogs love to herd. With few exceptions, these are pretty harmless activities and don't stand in the way of training. Terriers, however, were bred to hunt and kill vermin independently, digging underground and barking excitedly, almost impervious to pain. Let's see...just a few challenges to overcome in training: strong prey drive, independence, feistiness, digging, barking, the list goes on. In Terrier-Centric Dog Training, author Dawn Antoniak-Mitchell takes up the challenge to help terrier owners train their dogs by making sure they understand the instincts bred into terriers and what the most effective training and management techniques are to use when working with a qnatural born killer.q You can train your terrier, but just don't let him loose off-leash in a park full of squirrels!This is a very specific behavior that will be easy for your dog to understand and one that you can teach in a step-by-step manner. Not-so-useful alternate behavior description: a€œI dona#39;t care what he does, as long as he stays off the furniture.

Title:Terrier-centric Dog Training
Author:Dawn Antoniak-Mitchell
Publisher:Dogwise Publishing - 2012-08-01


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