Terror Reigns Again

Terror Reigns Again

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A series of terrorist attacks occur around the world. Are these attacks linked or not? Has Al-Qaeda begun its attacks again, or are the attacks to do with a splinter group? The worldwide organisation HART are brought in to combat this menace, led by Commander Peter Roberts, who has experience in this field. However there is another, more personal, aspect to this war as an old enemy appears, and things take another twist. Will the world ever be safe again, or can Commander Roberts, along with HART, deal with the new menace before it develops further?The passengers aboard all pushed and shoved to get out, but Sergey remained patient and waited until all the other passengers had passed him by, and then he got up, from his seat, and followed them all out into cooler evening air than that at Doha. T. He walked through the airport (Terminal 6) admiring the terminal walls and ceiling; they were very different from the terminal hea#39;d walked through atanbsp;...

Title:Terror Reigns Again
Author:Ronan Strobing
Publisher:ShieldCrest - 2009-07


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