Test-Driven JavaScript Development

Test-Driven JavaScript Development

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For JavaScript developers working on increasingly large and complex projects, effective automated testing is crucial to success. Test-Driven JavaScript Development is a complete, best-practice guide to agile JavaScript testing and quality assurance with the test-driven development (TDD) methodology. Leading agile JavaScript developer Christian Johansen covers all aspects of applying state-of-the-art automated testing in JavaScript environments, walking readers through the entire development lifecycle, from project launch to application deployment, and beyond. Using real-life examples driven by unit tests, Johansen shows how to use TDD to gain greater confidence in your code base, so you can fearlessly refactor and build more robust, maintainable, and reliable JavaScript code at lower cost. Throughout, he addresses crucial issues ranging from code design to performance optimization, offering realistic solutions for developers, QA specialists, and testers. Coverage includes a€c Understanding automated testing and TDD a€c Building effective automated testing workflows a€c Testing code for both browsers and servers (using Node.js) a€c Using TDD to build cleaner APIs, better modularized code, and more robust software a€c Writing testable code a€c Using test stubs and mocks to test units in isolation a€c Continuously improving code through refactoring a€c Walking through the construction and automated testing of fully functional software The accompanying Web site, tddjs.com, contains all of the booka€™s code listings and additional resources.Unit tests are there to drive us through development of the higher level API. They are ... To do this, we will write an integration test once the API is usable. This test will be the real deal; it will use our interface to make requests to the server.

Title:Test-Driven JavaScript Development
Author:Christian Johansen
Publisher:Addison-Wesley Professional - 2010-09-09


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