Tetsute do Instruction Manual

Tetsute do Instruction Manual

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The founding principles of traditional Karate, and this is particularly so for all students of Tetsute Do Karate, is the development of self-knowledge, self-discipline, humility and an indomitable spirit. We must develop self-knowledge to understand what our strengths and weaknesses are, the self-discipline to practise those things that need improvement, the humility to understand that we are not perfect and an indomitable spirit to keep us going when everything seems just too hard.Turn to face the Right in Sanchin Dachi (right foot forward), right Front Backfist to the face, left Upwards Empi Strike, then left Back fist to the Face and Groin (both to the Front). 3. Right Chudan Tsuki to the side, under the left elbow (kiai). 4.

Title:Tetsute do Instruction Manual
Author:Kyoshi Drew Dale
Publisher:Lulu.com - 2014-05-31


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