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In the psychedelic Sixties, Tex Parsons travels to California to rescue his cousin Jillian from a cult that engages in sexual and religious practices which, he is convinced, threaten not only her chastity but her very soul. Unfortunately, while hunting down Jillian, Tex encounters the ravishing Conchitaa€”a temptress who severely tests both his born-again Christianity and his marriage. During his California adventure, zany Tex discovers a€œgolda€ in the Sierra Nevada, kidnaps Cousin Jillian, sparks a melee or two, takes on the culta€™s guru in a boxing match, and preaches a rousing sermon to the stoned cultists.You wouldna#39;t be panning gold here in the Sierra Nevada. ... After lazing awhile longer in my splash of sun, I reluctantly sloshed into the icewater to scoop sand and stones, working my way downstream. ... They wona#39;t jump into your pocket.

Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2009-07-16


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