Texas Baby

Texas Baby

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That's My Baby! TEXAS BABY! When Margaret Madison cuddled little Alison in her arms, she knew she wanted to be this needy child's mother. It didn't matter that she'd just turned forty-six. It didn't matter that she'd just married off her other qbaby.q But it did matter that she'd just fallen in love with the most eligible bachelor in Texas. Because Gibson McKinley, the man who'd courted her, kissed her, made her feel desirable again, had vowed never to remarry, let alone become some Texas toddler's daddya€b. THAT'S MY BABY! Sometimes bringing up baby can bring surprisesa€band showers of love!Would you like some coffee?a€ a€œNo, thank you, and therea#39;s no need for me to sit I just wanted to drop off that story.a€ a€œYou dona#39;t have to rush off, do you? Ia#39;d like to hear about the plans for the baby shower youa#39;re organizing for your mother.a€ a€œYou anbsp;...

Title:Texas Baby
Author:Joan Elliott Pickart
Publisher:Harlequin - 2011-07-15


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