Texas Heat

Texas Heat

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The Blake Boys Book Four Isabelle Reed is having a bad year. The classical violinist is struggling with a divorce, and a broken arm has left her unable to play. So when she receives a wedding invitation from her cousin Morgan, her heart just isna€™t in it. Going to the wedding will mean seeing everyone from back home, and seeing everyone back home will mean facing the music about her divorce. Unable to miss her cousina€™s wedding, she bites the bullet and takes offa€”and lands right in the arms of Morgana€™s brother-in-law, country western music star Tate McGill. Shea€™d heard about the singer and his bad-boy reputation, but therea€™s something about those storm-filled eyes that made her yearn to look deeper. Even though she should know better than to risk being the subject of a song on his next album. Country western singer Tate McGill is living the good life. Hea€™s surrounded by beautiful women, hit music, and a great family. But he gets more than he bargained for when he agrees to babysit his nephew Jake for his brother Seth Blake, and finds a beautiful woman in his way. Isabelle Reed is talented and strong-willed, and shea€™s a natural with little Jake. But shea€™s keeping a secret from Tate, and hea€™s determined to find out what it is... Keywords: interracial romance, country music, BWWM, country western singer, musician hero, classical violinista€œYour watch has seen better days.a€ Isabelle leaned over and spied the gold watch he wore. The crystal was scratched, and it was in need of repair. a€œWould you believe this is a family heirloom? This belonged to Lilaa#39;s father.a€ Tate pulled intoanbsp;...

Title:Texas Heat
Author:Rhonda Laurel
Publisher:Etopia Press - 2014-04-18


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