Text: Murder

Text: Murder

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Who would want to kill a beautiful young German model? When her body is found washed up in a harbour near Eastbourne, England, two characters tasked with solving the murder clash as they work together. One is Inspector Carpenter, an Englishman who is outwardly cool but full of self-doubt. The second is straight off the weekly extradition plane from Poland a€“ Lieutenant (soon to become DS) Kaminska, a very religious but efficient policewoman. Carpenter cana€™t even guess the right drinks to order in social situations, but he can listen, tell a lie from the truth, and plod through the leads until he hits the right one. Kaminska is fluent in several languages, but her English isna€™t that good. Like most continental police, she can use a gun. It is a clash of cultures and personalities. By chance, Carpentera€™s laptop is stolen, but in an odd way this helps with solving the murder. Carpenter and Kaminska crash through the Kent countryside and London, trying to get a working relationship together. They follow leads that take them to the island of Sark. They concentrate on the forensic information given by a flash mobile phone. The story climaxes at Eastbourne, where Serena Williams is making her comeback. Carpenter and Kaminska corner the hit man but will they be able to catch them alive? www.rialtotriology.comHaving had her celebratory cake, forensic scientist Shelly Bourne picked up the landline phone and dialled an internal number. a€œHi, DC Shohola. How are you?a€ She nodded, sympathetically, to the bookcase on her desk, as Shohola spokeanbsp;...

Title:Text: Murder
Author:George G A Wensley
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2011-11-09


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