Textbook Of Microbiology

Textbook Of Microbiology

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Textbook of Microbiology provides a structured approach to learning by covering all the important topics in a simple, uniform and systematic format. The book is written in a manner suited to the undergraduate and postgraduate of Microbiology / Industrial Microbiology courses. The language and diagrams are particularly easy to understand and reproduce while answering essay type questions. Sections I of the book covers essentials of Microbiology including history, scope and milestones in the development of microbiology. This is followed by detailed accounts of characteristics and classification of microorganisms including bacteria, virus, fungi and actinomycetes. Individual chapters on microscopy, isolation and maintenance of microorganisms, microbial growth provide a detailed account of these techniques and their use in microbiology. Section II of the book covers biochemistry, microbial genetics and some instrumentation including chapters on carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, nucleic acids, gene regulation, translation and transcription along with detailed accounts of spectrophotometry, pH meter and fermenters. It broadly covers: q Fundamentals of Microbiology q Tools and Techniques used in Microbiology q Basic Biochemistry q Microbial geneticsCode. and. Protein. Synthesis. The DNA sequence of a gene is co-linear with the amino acid sequence of the polypeptide it encodes or the nucleotide sequence of ... Thus, one amino acid is coded by more than one or several different codons.

Title:Textbook Of Microbiology
Author:Naveen Kango
Publisher:I. K. International Pvt Ltd - 2010


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