Texts, Rocks, and Talk

Texts, Rocks, and Talk

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In Texts, Rocks, and Talk biblical scholar and teacher John Lanci suggests that many have lost the ability to focus on the essentials, to experience a Jesus Christ alive and powerful in our midst. He responds by inviting readers on a journey back to the Bible. Lanci conveys the experience of interpreting the Bible, inviting readers to witness the interpretation of one particular passage from the Hebrew Bible and one from the New Testment from start to finish. Along the way he covers some of the same ground that biblical introductions present, as he explains what interpreters do and why they do it. Readers will gain a deeper understanding of the need to interpret texts and greater confidence in their ability to enter into the conversation that sacred texts provide. They will also have a greater confidence in the possibility that their Christian community can open itself up to that divine conversation. Texts, Rocks, and Talk can serve as an introduction to the Bible textbook for college undergraduates, parish discussion groups, or individuals who do not have a lot of theological background but are interested in finding their way into the Bible. The chapters are relatively short and clearly written, with questions for reflection and discussion. Chapters in Preliminaries are qWhy Take It on the Road?q qWhat the Bible Is Not, q and qA Preview of Coming Attractions: What the Bible Is.q Chapters in The Song of Songs are qSex on the Page, q qHealthy Suspicion: A Walking Staff for Our Journey, q qWhat is the Book?q qLo and the Rocks, q qLifestyles of the Dead and Buried: What Archaeology Is and What It Is Not, q qMaking the Heart Forget: The Love Songs of Ancient Egypt, q and qThe Egyptian LoveSongs and the Song of Songs.q The chapter in An Interlude is qAn Interlude with Jesus and Christ.q Chapters in First Corinthians are qOur Brother Paul, q qWe Raise an Eyebrow in Surprise: Paul, the Corinthians, and a Letter, q qThe Rhetoric of a Text, q qWhat Kind of Fool Is God?q qA Little History, a Little Wisdom, a Little Mystery, q qThe Rigamorale of Roman Power and Corinthian Rocks, q qThe No-Relax Tour Continues into Darker Realms, q and qThe Great Reversal.q Chapters in Talk: Counterimagining the Wor are qThree Umbrellas and a Sea Change, q qCounterimagining the World, q qWe Confront the Passion of God, q qIn Praise of Christian Flesh, q and qThe Journey, Not the Arrival, Matters.q Includes an Introduction, Epilogue, and Notes, Citations, Suggestions for Further Readings.So, for instance, we must begin with the quotation by Annie Dillard that precedes the introduction, found in For the Time Being (New York: Random House, 1999) 88. ... (New York: William Morrow, 1996); Chapter Four in Robert R. Hanna#39;s The Bible: An Ownera#39;s Manual (New York: Paulist, 1983) 81-122; Gordon D. Fee and Douglas Stuart, How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, anbsp;...

Title:Texts, Rocks, and Talk
Author:John R. Lanci
Publisher:Liturgical Press - 2002


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