Thallium-Based High-Tempature Superconductors

Thallium-Based High-Tempature Superconductors

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Provides information on all chemical, physical and material aspects of this class of cuprates, and covers their applications. This work provides data on the chemistry, solid-state chemistry, handling and safety requirements of thallium.If the superconductor is shaped like a long cylinder so that demagnetization effect can be neglected, zero flux (B = 0) requires that x be equal ... These currents go around ... clearly, at temperatures below the transition, (105 K for this specimen) magnetic susceptibility is large and negative. ... Corrections for the demagnetization effects due to the sample shape and field orientations are also to be included.

Title:Thallium-Based High-Tempature Superconductors
Author:Allen Hermann
Publisher:CRC Press - 1993-09-28


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