Thank You Cancer

Thank You Cancer

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Sometimes, just sometimes, it takes breast cancer to convince a seemingly ordinary woman to discover her extraordinariness, her mission in life. A highly inspiring and motivating book a€“ based on real-life cases a€“ that enables women to fight breast cancer by putting mind over bodya€b A disease is nothing but your bodya€™s signal to you to transform your lifestyle, your thought processes and your approach to life. Breast cancer is one such disease that can be conquered if you do not get overwhelmed by apprehensions and uncertainty. The author presents ten ordinary women who appear extraordinary because they refused to succumb to breast cancer. They drew upon their resources of courage, determination and perseverance to defeat this dreaded scourge. Despite the odds stacked against them, they not only succeeded in getting cured but also became the source of inspiration for many other women afflicted by breast cancer. The author (whose mother overcame breast cancer) presents, apart from the conventional treatment (including surgery, chemotherapy and radiation), complementary therapies (such as yoga, meditation, reiki and pranic healing) as well, which can go a long way in dealing positively with the after-effects of breast cancer. After reading this book, you will feel confident enough to tackle breast cancer head-on or enable others to do so!CANCER. Not only will you find important tips in this chapter on how to handle all chemotherapy sideeffectswith acorrect ... The language of death isa#39;ICANa#39;Ta#39;. ... whine:I CANa#39;T. Beforewe can do anything to improve our health, we have to begin to speak the language of life and say to ourselves: ICAN. ... After all, we human beings are psychosomatic: psycho refers to the mind and somato the body.

Title:Thank You Cancer
Author:Megha Bajaj
Publisher:Hay House, Inc - 2009-09-01


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