Thanksgiving Leads to Christmas

Thanksgiving Leads to Christmas

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Christmas has become a celebration of excess and conspicuous consumption. Frequently overwhelmed, nostalgia becomes the antidote to frantic preparations, endless shopping and huge expense that leaves us bone weary. The sermon title, a€œTLC: Thanksgiving Leads to Christmas, a€ caught Pastor Elaine Eachusa€™ imagination and she began to wonder how thankfulness might be the key that unlocks the richness of each day of the Christmas season. Being truly thankful takes time---to appreciate, to look deeply inside, to see myriads of connections coming together for good, to incorporate life changes, and to share these new insights. Living into this dimension is to see with the wide-eyed wonder of a child. For Eachus, little moments contain the TLC--- a granddaughter coloring a Christmas tree, making candy with a friend, or a father giving his young daughter a copy of Handela€™s Messiah. No matter our age, there is magic and wonder within the Advent season. Eachus invites us on a twenty-eight day journey to discover God-with-us. Accompany her on this trip that can take each of us a lifetime as we look for our unique Christmas heart.Three ingredients---one package of chocolate cookie sandwiches with white frosting centers, an eight-ounce package of cream ... of chocolate as my final act of obeisance to the chocolate gods, but I can now keep the cookie dust and chocolates ... I thought those cookies would just pull apart with a gentle twist and all the frosting would be on one side of the cookie. ... how to achieve new outcomes not only is key to creating a fabulous truffle but goes a long way in the game of life too.

Title:Thanksgiving Leads to Christmas
Author:Elaine Eachus
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2013-09-24


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