That Special Knack

That Special Knack

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Jake McCluskie is backa€b last time, he was the Repairman, and he fixed Time and helped flush a demon back to Oblivion. This time, McCluskie is the Redeemer. He must redeem three souls and find Hella€™s Codes for the Angel of Death. In order to do that, he has to go to Obliviona€”into his enemya€™s cage. No wonder the Redeemer always dies. Satan straightened up in the chair and reached into his coat pocket. a€œOh, I almost forgot. As promised, I read your ghost story book.a€ In his hand he held a hard cover edition of my second book entitled: Limbo, Mississippi: A Ghost Story. The plastic cover book jacket had a library tag. a€œYou borrowed it?a€ I asked. a€œFrom the library?a€ He grinned. a€œOkay, leta€™s call it borrowed.a€ a€œAw, ca€™mon man, for the love of God, youa€™re an archangel, would it kill you to break open your wallet and buy a copy?a€ a€œYoua€™re rich enough, McCluskie, a€ he said, laughing. a€œNow, for the review.a€ He made a sour face. a€œIt was okay, nothing special, but okay. A passing grade.a€ He tapped the book with a finger. a€œThe problem is, your story is better than your writing. Hopefully, one day the writing will catch up.a€ a€œMaybe youa€™ll like my time travel book better. Ita€™s entitled: Broken Time. It just came out.a€ He turned up his nose. a€œI dona€™t know, McCluskie. One of your books is enough for me.a€ a€œYou should give this one a chance. The grade ten English classes at Rockaway High School will be reading it this semester.a€ a€œReally?a€ he questioned, his smile beaming. a€œI cana€™t believe it. Jacob McCluskie, part of modern literature.a€ He shook his head, still smiling. a€œThe great ones are turning over in their graves.a€ a€œThanks for your continued support.a€ a€œAnytime, a€ he said, laughinga€bThey arrived thirty minutes earlier. The tall one picked the security door lock. ... a€œ The tall one is good with a lock pick, a€ he continued. a€œI played the video over, he picked the lock to your apartment in under twenty seconds.a€ a€œWonderful, a€ I mutteredanbsp;...

Title:That Special Knack
Author:Douglas J. McGregor
Publisher:iUniverse - 2014-03-10


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