The 1950s' Most Wanted™

The 1950s' Most Wanted™

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Journey back fifty years to explore the decade of baby boomers, the Red scare, and the birth of rock and roll with Robert Rodrigueza€™s The 1950sa€™ Most Wanted: The Top 10 Book of Rock a Roll Rebels, Cold War Crises, and All-American Oddities. America was revving its engines when the fifties came along, and its citizens more than ready for everything the historic decade had to offer. Rodriguez takes you on a spin down memory lane with dozens of top-ten lists filled with amazing, amusing, and even astonishing trivia from the 1950s. Television exploded into the mainstream in the 1950s, and in this book youa€™ll find kidsa€™ television, shows that were immensely popular then but forgotten now, and potential series that never got off the ground. Film and music history are also well represented, with lists highlighting the fathers of rock and roll and some unlikely recording artists, plus catchphrases from contemporary films and first roles of future stars. Relive the most notorious crimes of the decade, such as the one that inspired the TV show and film The Fugitive, and its big scandals, such as the quiz show debacle and the deportation of Charlie Chaplin. Youa€™ll read about politicians, celebrities, fashion, toys, fads, and disasters. Relearn the hip slang of the time while finding out which tales from the fifties were really tall tales or urban legends that are now debunked. Rodriguez gives you a whole decadea€™s worth of fun, facts, and all-important memories. It may have been half a century ago, but with The 1950sa€™ Most Wanteda„c, ita€™ll seem like just yesterday.Millions of boomers most certainly know the a#39;a#39;Ita#39;s Howdy Doody timea#39;a#39; opening theme by heart. ... In addition to an assortment of puppet skits, they endured songs and silent shorts. ... the showa#39;s enormous popularity translated into a five- day-a-week run, a radio version, scores of eminently collectible spin-off products, and, anbsp;...

Title:The 1950s' Most Wanted™
Author:Robert A Rodriguez
Publisher:Potomac Books, Inc. - 2006-04-01


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