The 2010 Unofficial Voter's Guide

The 2010 Unofficial Voter's Guide

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In 100 pages, Jane Q Public presents the results of years of watching ispan, listening to political talk radio, being subjected to the sound-bite addicted politicos from both sides of the aisle and those running to get into office, those who seem to be on every broadcast station in or near the nation's capitol. The results are here, insightful and frank, funny and frightening -- everything 'theyq know about what the average American really wants: solutions to pollution, the economy, the wars, and the incessant finger pointing, blaming and name calling that leads nowhere. In this landmark study, a brave American woman shares the results of her life-long observations of the American political animal and reveals the devastating truth. In a mere 100 pages, Jane Q. Public distills years of research and thousands of hours of watching and listening to pundits of all persuasions to reveal the most complete and accurate study of what politicians know about what average Americans want. Forthright, frank and funny, Jane literally spells out everything in language even politicians can understand. She even leaves room for your comments, because she knows you matter! This is the perfect gift to send to your elected officials, letting them know that you know the inside secrets. Send it to them on July 4, Independence Day or any day all the way up to Election Day. Send a few to your 'on the fence' friends so you can share the insights. And buy one for the neighbor who puts up all those election signs in his yard. All the answers are right here, in this little book. Between the covers of this timely tome, readers will find 100 blank pages, the collective knowledge of politicians and pundits who tell us what we think without ever having asked. Because if the truth is to be told, what do pundits and politicians know about qreal lifeq?In this daquot;iart.vera#39;r cluialrread guide to the 2la#39;_a#39;lllIl ea#39;le1:t|arlrs, 1, a#39;au a#39;wil see exactly what each anal euerru aalitiaian lrnaws alnaut a#39;faul alreairrls and aanaerns ... Like mast emerieans. she is alsa veri; tirea at the status area in Washington, DC.

Title:The 2010 Unofficial Voter's Guide
Author:Jane Q. Public
Publisher:Happy About - 2010-06


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