The 401(K) Millionaire

The 401(K) Millionaire

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qIf you, a regular Joe like me, are not a movie star or an overpaid professional baseball player or a lottery winner or a high-powered executive, what are your chances of becoming a millionaire? Better than you think--much better. And you don't have to strike oil to do it. The secret? It's not glamorous, but it is simple, and almost foolproof, because the math is in your favor. It's my story, and the story of others who are quietly amassing 401(k) fortunes--and the simple plan to make your story my story. q A surefire plan for financial independence--through bull and bear markets. Knute Iwaszko--by turns a chemist, a salesman, and an innkeeper--made a million dollars without robbing a bank, without an inheritance, and without a Silicon Valley startup. He made it in a reliable but thoroughly new-fashioned way: by maximizing the potential of his 401(k) plan--and now he's going to tell millions of people how they, too, can become millionaires. This book will thoroughly explain the ins and outs of how 401(k) plans work, including tax benefits, contribution requirements and limits, withdrawal limitations, and risk management--and then fully describes qKnute's Unbeatable, Unbreak-able Rules for Making It to a Millionq: a foolproof formula that gives readers a step-by-step regimen for maximizing the potential of their 401(k) plans. With simple, accessible language and clear, detailed steps for financial success, The 401(k) Millionaire is required reading for anyone who wants to make the most of his or her money. qIf you follow my five simple rules for 401(k) investing, there's no doubt in my mind that you can end up a 401(k) millionaire, too. Allow me to demonstrate how it's done . . .q 401(k) millionaire Knute Iwaszko's practical, surefire plan for financial success includes such topics as: How I Became a 401(k) Millionaire The 401(k): Your Personal Money Machine The Perils of Procrastination Maxing Out: More Money for You--and Less for Uncle Sam Learning the Ropes: Your Inner Savvy Investor Be Aggressive: Your Retirement Depends on It Knute's Recipe for Success From the Hardcover edition.How I Started with Nothing and Made a Million and You Can, Too Knute Iwaszko, Brian Oa#39;Connell. A Way to Gouge How Fast Your 40f(f() investments Double Looking for a way to measure how fast your money grows in your 40! ilk]? Look noanbsp;...

Title:The 401(K) Millionaire
Author:Knute Iwaszko, Brian O'Connell
Publisher:Villard - 2009-05-06


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