The 500 Eating Plan

The 500 Eating Plan

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There are thousands of diet books published and yet the statistics tell us that we are all getting fatter. The conclusion can only be that diets do not work or this would not be the case. The 500 Eating Plan is not a diet but more a radical rethink that looks at weight management in the 21st century. It accepts that we eat the foods we do through choice, and so phony contrived diets that require us to eat differently are unsustainable, as perversely, we all return to our foods of choice even though they are the foods that made us overweight in the first place. Just wanting to be slimmer is not enough. You need a Plan not a diet. A Plan that allows you to eat the foods you like and yet still lose weight. Trials have proven that the 500 Eating Plan does just that. This unique self help guide will enable you to understand the simple science of becoming overweight and also how to reverse it. It will empower you to successfully take control of your weight, once and for all. Welcome to the 500 Eating Plan and to a slimmer healthier you.McDonalda#39;s Again, your choices are very limited with the meals range as a small fries alone is 230kcals. A BBQ Chicken Snack Wrap, a plain Hamburger, 6 McNuggets and Fish Fingers are the only items that are less than the 270kcal Plan balance. Calories in burgers are shown below and as you can see, a burger on its own is an option for both men and women. ... crispy chicken wrap 460 Crispy chicken and bacon wrap 495 Grilled Chicken Salad Wrap 330 Grilled Chicken Saladanbsp;...

Title:The 500 Eating Plan
Author:Robert Langford
Publisher:Author House - 2013-12


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